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Will contact lenses work for your astigmatism?

The usage of contact lenses is not out of the question even if you have astigmatism. This may reassure you, but you shouldn’t stop asking questions just because you’ve found the solution here. Learning about what astigmatism is, how it could influence your vision, and the many kinds of contacts you might wear if you have astigmatism could be a lot to take in. Even so, there is no need for fear, since you have really arrived at the right spot. This article addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about contact lenses for people with astigmatism. Why don’t we jump right in?

What Medications and Procedures Cure Astigmatism?

Astigmatism correction often begins with corrective lenses like glasses or astigmatism colored contacts. You and your doctor should talk about your options to determine which one is best for you.


In other circumstances, astigmatism may occur because of an irregular shape or unequal curvature of the lens or cornea (like a football). The abnormality causes light rays to concentrate on a number of different retinal locations.       

Cylindrical lenses, which are used in eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct astigmatism, focus light onto a single point on the retina. Contact lenses or eyeglasses may be used to do this.


For those who have astigmatism, there are two kinds of contact lenses that are available: speciality lenses and soft toric lenses. Some of these lenses are cylindrical, which means they correct your vision in different ways at different points on the lens (depending on where your astigmatism is located). This means that the lenses must maintain the shape and orientation after being put on the cornea. Scleral contacts, hybrid lenses, or rigid gas-permeable lenses are all examples of astigmatism colored contacts that you may be recommended to use.

Is It True That Contact Lenses Can “Fix” Astigmatism?

Keep in mind that astigmatism cannot be permanently corrected by using glasses or contact lenses since these optical devices cannot modify the irregular shape of the cornea. The only way to do this is via surgery.

Can you tell me what kind of contact lenses work best for those with astigmatism?

The colored contacts for astigmatism are required by the great majority of people with astigmatism in order to achieve optimal visual correction. Nonetheless, there are certain mild cases of astigmatism that do not need correction. But, there is now a huge selection of options accessible because to the many years of research and development that have gone into contact lens technology. Several various companies provide daily, biweekly, and monthly disposable contact lenses for those with astigmatism to choose from. The best sort for your eyes may be determined with the help of your optometrist.

Comfortable Toric Lenses

There is a large population of contact lens wearers with the astigmatism, and they tend to choose soft toric lenses. That’s the case for a number of reasons. Toric lenses used to be made solely from rigid materials, but today they may also be made from soft lens materials, therefore they’re often preferred due to their exceptional comfort. Those who want to start each day with a fresh pair of lenses have the option of switching to a new pair of soft contacts every two weeks, every month, or even every day.


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