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How to Take Care of Your Wedding Bands?

Your wedding jewelry, especially the rings, are very delicate and sophisticated. They need to be stored with the utmost care and in the right conditions, for their look to be fresh and shiny always. So, with a little extra care and maintenance, these rings can be made to look new as straight from the jewelry shop. If you preserve them in the right way, you would be able to pass it down to your future generations as well. 

Hence, here are some care tips for your diamond wedding bands:

Get checkups

It is always advised to get your wedding and engagement bands checked by your jeweler at least once a year. They will be inspecting and cleaning your rings thoroughly to keep them looking new. They will also repair all the existing loose settings and worn-out prongs. Further, they can also easily detect the other potential problems that may arise. You can even ask for their tips and advice to clean your jewelry at home between these visits.

Clean regularly

Do not wait to take the jewelries to the professionals. Clean them at regular intervals right at your home to upkeep their health. This will also prevent the dirt buildup, which causes a lot of wear and tear. But don’t forget to take precautions while cleaning your diamond bands at home. It is best to use warm water and a baby toothbrush for cleaning. Remember to keep your rings away from drains, basins or sinks.

Don’t wait

If you see a loose stone or a worn-out prong that is catching on the fabric, immediately take your ring to the jeweler. It will save you from losing out on precious stones. 

Store gently

When you are not wearing your wedding bands, you must place them separately in a soft compartment or container. If the jewelries are stored together, they might cause scratches on each other. Use only ring holders for placing the diamond rings.

Go easy

Diamonds may be termed as the hardest materials on earth, but they can also chip quite uncannily if they are not placed in the right angles. So, do not take this risk and be extra careful while storing them. It is always best to store them on the sidelines. 

Faith Brand Wedding Bands too need similar care and maintenance and doesn’t require any special effort from the wearer. So, you can pick your style without any second thoughts. 

Infographic provided by Wholesale Jewelry Displays Company, Gems on Display


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