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How to Choose the Perfect Sport Coat

Every woman needs to have a few staple pieces in her closet, and a blazer that fits well is one of them. A blazer is one of those classic pieces of clothing that will never go out of style since it can be worn for any occasion, is the perfect addition to any outfit, and can be styled in an almost unlimited number of ways. Depending on how they’re performed, they may either add curves or make the last few pounds disappear.

Seek out the best option

You know your Female BLAZERS is too tiny when you can’t comfortably drive your car, wave to a colleague, or hug a friend while wearing it. One of my go-to blazer-fitting tricks is the wall test: When wearing a jacket, stand next to a wall and lean slightly towards it. When the shoulder pad initially makes contact with the wall, it’s an indication that it’s too big. If the shoulder pad and the natural shoulder make contact with the wall at the same time, this indicates that the shoulder is in the right position.

Straight Line Form?

If you want your form to have a little bit of curve to it, consider ZEAGOO blazers that have a defined waistline. You have very roomy hips in comparison to the rest of your body. If you don’t want attention drawn to your hips, your jacket Spring collection shouldn’t fall so low. Choose a longer jacket or a cropped silhouette if you want to give the impression of a smaller frame. Consist of a Base, a Side, and a Top. If you want to avoid drawing attention to the breadth of your upper body, it’s best to use blazers with a looser cut and avoid shoulder pads at all costs.

Deeper and wider all the way inside

Choose lightweight fabrics that won’t add bulk, and select a blazer cut that hits at or slightly below the hips to emphasise your waist.

Examine a selection of lapels

Make sure your lapel width is proportionate to your body type. Yet, to get more modern looks, try experimenting with different lapel widths. The lapels of a suit may range from oversized and over the top to almost nonexistent, allowing the wearer to make a bold fashion statement.

Improve it with more variety!

Some well-fitting, neutral blazers should be a staple in your closet, but you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up by adding something bold and unexpected, such a floral print or bold colour with the OOTD outfit.

Try out various proportions and see what happens

While there are always exceptions to the rule, when pairing a blazer with a skirt, it’s best to go for a shorter, more fitted style. Are you looking to make a statement with a longer length, like a blazer with a boyfriend cut? It is wearable with trousers. The Diversified artistic styles pics  are evident here.

More tailored tips from our fashion experts

Fittingly, your blazer should skim your shoulders without being overly tight. The hemline of your blazer shouldn’t go any lower than your hip bone. The width of the sleeves may be the deciding factor in how well your jacket fits. Just a few little adjustments may completely change how a jacket that is slightly too big looks.


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