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5 Outstanding gifts your boyfriend will love

You don’t need a reason to get your man an amazing gift. Whether it is his birthday, an anniversary of when you first started dating, or just another day when you want to celebrate him, giving and receiving gifts is a love language that can not be underestimated. Nonetheless, selecting a good gift for your boyfriend can get a little confusing when you factor in his likes and dislikes and your gifting budget. The task difficulty goes a notch up when your boyfriend might have niche interests or just shops for only the most practical and basic needs. In such a case, you will need a lot of time to research the right present for your bae.

Worry not! 

We have compiled this small and specific guide of five outstanding gifts that your boyfriend will absolutely love. 


A watch gift for your boyfriend is always a great idea. Whether your boyfriend is a fitness freak or has been looking for a fancy timepiece for a while, Timex packs some of the best watches to gift your boyfriend. This Timex Fit 2.0 Square Calling Watch is the right pick for workout enthusiasts, as it features Bluetooth calling and activity tracking. Your boyfriend can carry it to the gym and pick up your calls even when busy with workouts.

However, if you feel that your bae is missing a fancy watch when heading out wearing the suit you love so much on him, then opt for this TIMEX ANALOG GREY DIAL BOY’S WATCH. This amazing piece even has additional leather straps for when your bae needs to keep it casual.

Ultra- Functional Backpack

Whether he is heading to work, taking an overnight trip with his buddies or simply going about town, an ultra-functional backpack can travel everywhere with him. Since there are numerous options available both online and offline, do make sure to select the one with enough pockets for all his essentials, including backpacks, clothes, laptops, skincare and electronics. You can also make the gift more personalised by picking it in his favourite colours or getting his initials printed or stitched on it.

Bartender Kit

Some people are natural hosts and love inviting people over to their homes for fun. If your boyfriend falls into this category of people, then he will love a bartender kit. Consisting of all the tools to produce the most fantastic concoction of drinks, a bartender kit will wow your boyfriend and keep him busy during the parties he loves to host.

A Complete Skincare Suit

It won’t be a surprise if your boyfriend goes on days without applying a good moisturiser or uses a 5-in-one body wash during his showers. While this is not necessarily bad, it might become a problem for him once he starts getting busier. The best way to combat this is by introducing him to a simple yet wholesome skincare regimen. Numerous brands out there are putting a lot of effort into creating items suitable for men. You can pick a minimal 3-step routine and later add more items once your boyfriend gets used to it.


If you keep stealing your boyfriend’s hoodies to add to your own wardrobe, it will probably be a good idea to refresh his closet with new ones. There are numerous silhouettes, colours and types of hoodies available for you to choose from per your boyfriend’s taste. Just make sure to leave this one for him!

Now that you have the perfect guide, pick an outstanding gift for your boyfriend!

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