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Investing In Antique And Vintage Jewelry, And Why You Should

There is no better example of the universality of our love of pre-owned items than in the realm of antique and vintage jewelry. This is particularly true with older jewelry, such as bracelets and rings. It’s incredible that it can evoke so many diverse feelings, but does it? In this post, we’ll look at five ways in which appreciating history and the products of yesteryear may be good for you monetarily as well as emotionally and environmentally.

This is a story that has to be shared.

We frequently desire, “If only I had been a fly on the wall,” that we could have seen a certain event or significant moment firsthand. In a way, pieces of vintage and antique jewelry do just that. These things, some of which are well over a century old, capture our minds because they make us feel wonder and sorrow for bygone ages when we wear them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about today’s mass-produced jewelry.

Prolonged success

Did you know that buying a vintage diamond ring instead of a new one will save you as much as 0.42 tons of CO2e? You could drive around 3,000 kilometres on that amount of petrol, or make about 60,000 phone calls. When compared to other products, it is fair to say that heirlooms are far less harmful to the environment. Remember that by purchasing antique jewelry from Art Deco jewelry, you are not only protecting the future of the vintage jewelry industry but also helping to prevent a substantial amount of environmental harm.

Appropriateness of Cost

An exquisite vintage Boodles ring that represents outstanding value when compared to the modern analogue, which would cost at least 100% more.

When we buy anything used, not only do we get the pleasure of knowing that we are helping to create a more environmentally friendly world and extending the life of items, but we also know that we are getting the best deal possible. This proverb is very true when it comes to vintage and antique jewelry. Taking the example of a modern diamond three-stone ring, we can see that it is inferior to its pre-loved equivalent and might be as much as fifty percent cheaper.

The cost in human lives

Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, there are other costs associated with owning them. Human Rights Watch claims that many jewelry companies and distributors still do not do sufficient due diligence when it comes to verifying the origin of the diamonds they sell. There is need for improvement if “[jewelry companies] rely simply on the assurances of their suppliers that their gold and diamonds are free of human rights abuses,” as has been claimed. Human sacrifice is only required once, unlike with antique or even vintage jewels. The cumulative impact has diminished greatly over time since this expense has naturally decreased with each subsequent owner.


Things were simply made better in a direct way. Whether it’s a house, car, or piece of machinery, it’s common knowledge that 20th-century products are of noticeably higher quality than their 19th-century counterparts. While it’s usually true to say that jewelry was made with durability in mind, there are always going to be outliers. Many of the rings, earrings, pendants, and brooches were made to higher standards, which is why they still exist today.

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