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The Rising Trend of Moissanite Rings: Why Are They Gaining Popularity?

Moissanite Rings have been around for a while, but they weren’t as well-liked until recently when people realized they could choose moissanite instead of diamonds.

These rings have gained popularity for various uses, including engagement rings, necklaces, wedding bands, and bracelets. Moissanites are more readily available and cost less than diamonds because they are lab-grown.

If you are in the market for moissanite rings, you will come across a vast collection of designs to choose from. Before that, let us tell you the advantages of buying moissanite jewelry.

  • Durable

Moissanite is exceptionally hard and long-lasting, even more so than diamonds. It’s resistant to scratches and breakage, ensuring it stays beautiful for a long time. Just so you know The American Gem Society (AGS) reports that moissanite can outlast diamonds, surviving up to ten times longer due to its hardness.

This durability ensures that your moissanite ring will remain radiant for years to come. If you ever decide to part with it, you can sell your moissanite ring for a good price.

  • Variety in Shapes and Sizes

Moissanite rings look gorgeous and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. From the classic round to princess cut, and emerald to heart shapes, you can choose from a variety of styles.

This versatility allows for customization to match your dream wedding ring without the high cost of diamonds. Whether you are looking for a unique or timeless design, moissanite rings can accommodate your preferences.

  • Inexpensive

One of the most significant advantages of moissanite is its affordability. Unlike diamonds, which can be exorbitantly expensive, moissanite is a cost-effective alternative. Lab-grown moissanite has become readily available, making it easier for people to find wedding and engagement rings that suit their budget.

What’s more, moissanite is not only cost-effective but also an ethical and environment-friendly choice. The process of creating moissanite in a lab is much more sustainable and avoids the ethical concerns often associated with diamond mining.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and budget-driven. Moissanite offers an excellent alternative to expensive diamond rings, with little visual difference. This cost savings can be redirected to other wedding expenses like attire, decoration, etc.

  • Longevity

Moissanite’s exceptional hardness contributes to its longevity. Thanks to advanced laboratory methods, moissanite rings are made to last, preserving their beauty over the years.

Research indicates that moissanite can last up to ten times longer than diamonds due to its hardness and laboratory production methods.

  • Easy to Maintain

Moissanite is lightweight and easy to care for. It doesn’t require special maintenance like diamonds do. A simple cleaning routine is enough to keep it sparkling.

Due to its lightweight design, it makes a great choice for everyday wear. To clean your moissanite ring, all you need to do is soak it in warm water with detergent, scrub it gently, and wipe it dry.

It is because of these reasons that moissanite rings have risen in popularity. Their durability, affordability, and ease of maintenance make them an excellent alternative to diamonds.

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