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A Brief Guide to Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry has gained immense popularity for its affordability and captivating designs. But before you decide to invest in these dazzling pieces, it’s important to know about a few things related to its durability, quality, and more.

In this guide, we will share some essential information about stainless steel jewelry to help you make an informed choice.

What Are The Different Grades Of Stainless Steel Jewelry?

There are two prominent grades of stainless steel jewelry that takes the spotlight. These include Grade 316 and Grade 304. Let’s take a closer look at these materials to better understand their unique qualities.

Grade 304

Grade 304, also known as 18-8 stainless steel, is the most commonly used type of steel in jewelry crafting. Comprising 18-20% chromium and 8-10.5% nickel, it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

While non-magnetic, it may develop slight magnetism after cold working due to the transformation of austenite into martensite. Grade 304 comes in various variants, including 304L, 304H, and 304N.

If you buy grade 304 stainless steel jewelry, we suggest you to look for stainless steel jewelry wholesale options. This will help you save more on your purchases.

Grade 316

Grade 316, on the other hand, is formed by adding molybdenum (Mo) to Grade 304. This addition enhances its corrosion-resistant properties.

Grade 316 is divided based on carbon content, with SS 316L having lower carbon content. In terms of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and performance, SS 316 outshines SS 304. This is the reason it costs more than other options.

If you are seeking excellent resistance properties, 316L or SS 316 is the way to go. You can find stainless steel jewelry of this quality on sites like

Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Waterproof?

The best thing about stainless steel jewelry is that it is completely waterproof because of the presence of a chromium film. This film not only protects the jewelry from rust but also makes it waterproof.

It acts as a protective barrier, limiting the infiltration of water and oxygen to the underlying metal surface.

Now that you have basic knowledge about stainless steel jewelry, you can confidently explore and buy the pieces you like. Just make sure to shop from a trusted shop.

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