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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Types of lehenga! It’s a problem that is so misunderstood that most of us aren’t even sure which types of lehenga to choose. Why should brides have all the fun, after all? But brides have all the fun with the numerous types of lehenga available for them. Types of lehenga that are most popular are:

Multilayers Lehenga: The cut of these types of lehenga is distinctive. They are made of several horizontal layers that are stacked at varying heights. These layers have uneven hems, and the placement and textures of the embellishments vary, giving them an unusual out of the box appearance.

Banarasi Lehenga: Although these types of lehenga can be any shape, they are often flared or A-line in style. Although they have a pleated appearance, the rich silk Benarasi brocade fabric is what really stands out. They lack any other decorations other than a large gold lower border. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, a renowned fashion designer, popularised the look.

Printed Lehenga: These types of lehenga are free of heavy decorations and feature printed floral or textured designs. They have simple colours and are very light in weight. If you’re a guest at an Indian wedding at a beach destination, consider purchasing types of lehenga. Pair with crop tops without sleeves.

Kalidar or panelled lehenga fashion: These types of lehenga, as its name implies, include horizontal panels embroidered along the flare of the lehenga in the manner of kalis, or the petals in a flower.

Half-Saree, half-Lehenga: Inspired by the pavadai or langa voni style of draping a dupatta over the waist and over the shoulder in South India, these stylish and cutting-edge half-saree, and half- types of lehenga is receiving a lot of attention during fashion weeks. It resembles donning a saree and a lehenga simultaneously.

Overweight plus size lehenga

Everyone who wants to appear their best on their wedding day, regardless of size, requires lehenga styling advice. To help plus size brides, we contacted some of the top designers in the business to share their knowledge and some insider advice. Before starting their bridal lehenga shopping, plus size brides-to-be should bear these wonderful suggestions in mind regarding overweight plus size lehenga. After all, it’s crucial to embrace your curves without feeling self-conscious about them. Wearing your favourite overweight plus size lehenga to a wedding, party, or other special occasion won’t be a problem if you’re plus size. Overweight plus size lehenga in today’s fashion is all about body positivity and accepting your unique self, along with all of your flaws and deviations from social norms. Top-notch fashion takes the flawed and makes it into something beautiful because perfection is a fiction.

Regardless of your size—plus or zero—you are always a joyful, upbeat person! Don’t let society’s expectations of what to wear influence your decision while choosing an overweight plus size lehenga for the most significant day of your life. Don’t be afraid to follow your ambitions and go for the overweight plus size lehenga that gives you self-assurance. Fashion gurus think that choosing shapes that you feel most at ease in is the key to looking amazing on your wedding day as you look your best and carry yourself with the most confidence when you’re comfortable. Therefore, if you are a future bride who is plus size and concerned about being perceived as “voluptuous,” we urge you to stop right there and start hunting for the best overweight plus size lehenga.

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