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5 Things to Know Before Ordering Embroidered Apparel

Although embroidery may appear insignificant, it provides an extensive range of design opportunities. Incorporating embroidered logo modifications or customized embroidered t-shirts can enhance the professional image of your organization or sports team. Have a look at

Let us examine five essential aspects of embroidery that you should be aware of before placing your order.

1. The products offered extend beyond T-shirts.

It is important to note that opting for embroidery offers a wide range of possibilities beyond just custom t-shirts. Apparel embroidery allows for the embroidery of various items, including:

  • Hats Jackets
  • Backpacks
  • Blankets
  • Tote bags.
  • More

You have the option to embroider your company logo onto any advertising materials that align with your brand.

2. Make sure embroidery service ensures precise color matching.

Embroidery provides a wider range of color options compared to screen printing, allowing you to achieve precise color matching to successfully market your brand. Numerous thread colors have been associated with Pantone, facilitating the process of identifying the most precise color for your clothing.

Please note that there may be a slight variation in color between the digital representation on your computer screen and the actual shade of the apparel. The variation in computer screen calibrations can significantly impact our color perception.

3. The process of screen printing is subject to fading over time.

While screen printing may be a more cost-effective option than embossed work shirts, it is worth noting that the colors may not have the same longevity.

Upon repeated washing, a screen-printed t-shirt undergoes fading, leading to a reduction in the vibrancy of its colors. The embroidered stitches exhibit excellent colorfastness and maintain their vibrancy and saturation even after undergoing numerous wash cycles.

It is important to consider that embroidered apparel is often perceived to have a higher value compared to screen-printed apparel.

4. Use of Fleece in Embroidery Projects

Screen-printed logos have the propensity to tear or flake off of fleece coats due to the fuzzy, irregular texture of the fabric. Your group will seem more professional when they wear embroidered fleece attire since it lasts longer.

5. Pay Less for Multiple Colors

An embroidery is an excellent option for creating multicolor logos, and it is a good choice whether you require personalized gear for teams or organizations. When compared to other types of personalization, embroidery normally does not need additional fees to be paid to use numerous colors in the design.

Embroidery is the finest option for you to consider if you do not want to reduce the number of colors in your color palette but do wish to reduce your expenditures.


This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key considerations to keep in mind before placing an order for embroidered apparel. We hope that this information has been helpful in expanding your knowledge on the subject.

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